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An Overview of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), also known as hormone therapy, is the medical treatment of hormone deficiencies through external administration of hormones into the body. As we age or due to medical conditions, our bodies can lose the ability to produce critical hormones in sufficient quantities leading to undesirable symptoms. Replacing these hormones can provide relief.

At Equilibrium Hormone Institute clinic in Snohomish, we offer customized hormone therapy plans to help both men and women suffering from hormone imbalance reclaim health and vitality. With caring medical guidance, advanced testing, high quality bioidentical hormones, and optimized protocols, patients report life-changing improvements from hormone therapy at our clinic.

Benefits of hormone therapy include:

In the sections below, we will explore key topics around hormone therapy for deficiency treatment and health optimization. Our goal is to empower Snohomish residents to make informed decisions about their hormonal health.

Diagnosing Hormone Imbalances

The first step towards hormone therapy is determining if a hormone imbalance exists. At Equilibrium Hormone Institute, we utilize advanced clinical testing to accurately diagnose deficiencies or suboptimal hormone levels.

Common hormones we test include:

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Testosterone is essential for men's vitality but also plays a key role in women's health. Low testosterone or low T can cause symptoms like:


Estrogen regulates a wide range of processes in women and men. Low estrogen is characterized by:


The thyroid controls metabolism. An underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism leads to:

In addition to screening TSH which can miss low thyroid function, we test free T3 and free T4 for optimal accuracy.


DHEA is the most abundant hormone in the body and acts as a precursor to sex hormones. Declining DHEA can cause:

Note: DHEA has unique benefits for adrenal health and cognitive function.

By testing the above hormones along with key reproductive and metabolic markers, we obtain a comprehensive picture of patients’ hormonal status. Where deficiencies exist, we can customize treatment plans to restore optimal balance.

Reclaim your health with hormone therapy today!

Hormone Therapy Protocols

The process of beginning hormone therapy includes medical intake, testing, consultations with our practitioners, and development of a treatment plan catered to the patient’s needs and goals.

Here is an overview of starting hormone replacement therapy at Equilibrium Hormone Institute:




Hormone Therapy


Our practitioners have over 15 years collective experience safely administering hormone replacement therapy for outstanding patient success. We utilize an array of bioidentical hormones and innovative delivery methods for maximum effectiveness and comfort during therapy.

Why Timely Treatment Matters

Seeking timely medical care for hormonal issues gives patients the best opportunity for full recovery and avoidance of permanent impacts.

For example, low testosterone if left untreated can result in:

Likewise, women with sustained menopausal estrogen deficiency may experience:

The above demonstrate why prompt diagnosis and hormone restoration is vital and lifesaving. At the first signs of symptoms, patients should seek evaluation for hormone optimization opportunities. Our Snohomish wellness clinic offers readily available appointments and rapid turnaround of testing for timely intervention.

Interesting fact

Hormone therapy can help transgender women develop fuller breasts and softer skin. Even trans women who begin hormone therapy after male puberty can still experience breast growth, changes in fat distribution, and softer skin that make them feel more feminine, comfortable, and authentic in their gender identity.

Local Lifestyle Support

In addition to outstanding clinical care, Equilibrium Hormone Institute provides patients holistic lifestyle guidance during treatment. Therapeutic lifestyle changes can enhance hormone therapy results.

We share tips on:

Top Local Wellness Establishments

Lifestyle medicine enhances hormone function and sustains patient gains from treatment. Our clinic offers continuous coaching for mind-body health during and beyond hormone therapy.

Reclaim your health with hormone therapy today!

Equilibrium Hormone Institute Advantage

What sets Equilibrium Hormone Institute apart is our commitment to patient care excellence and leverage of the latest medical therapies for sustainable wellbeing.

Ourdifferentiators include:

We strive for exceptional service delivered with empathy and clinical accuracy for hormone therapy in Snohomish County and beyond. Our passion is helping patients transcend sickness to reach new levels of health and happiness through hormonal balance and vitality.


We hope this guide has enhanced your knowledge of hormone replacement therapy used to treat deficiencies for relief of symptoms and restoration of wellness. If you struggle with suboptimal hormonal health, we encourage you to take action today for a brighter future.

Equilibrium Hormone Institute offers Snohomish residents cutting-edge bioidentical hormone therapy for life transformation. To determine if treatment is right for you, contact our friendly clinic team to schedule a free consultation today.

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